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Hello to all, new Volt owner in Southern California! :D

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Hey Guys,

Jason, new volt owner here. Just traded in my twin turbo BMW for this incredible machine, and could not be happier ;)


A car guy at heart, I've been waiting for a chance to own an electric vehicle. Los Angeles is a traffic laden mess as many of us know. Fuel costs were killing me. In My 23 mile commute to work in traffic (each way) was costing me almost 10 bux a day here in sunny Los Angeles. Super happy to report I arrived this AM only 8 miles down from a fulll charge, costing me about 35 cents or so!

Super glad to be here, looking fwd to learning all I can, and contributing to the wealth of knowledge here.


Volt LT handsomely appointed.
Former/Recovering BM-TroubleYou owner. (what a POS)
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Congrats on the car and welcome to the forum. The Volt is quick but not as fast as your BMW. The smooth and quiet ride will hopefully make up for this. One thing I can guarantee is that you will NOT miss having to go to the gas station. Once you don't have to go regularly you realize what an awful consumer experience this is.

Enjoy your new car.
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