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My name is Rocco, I have lived in the Mid-Hudson Valley for about 30 years now. I have been a long time environmentalist, back since my days in high school. I saw the need to protect our environment back then, and see some of the things that I was talking about in the 70s coming true today.

I like to sail on the Hudson River in the summer, on other people's boats, because I don't have the time to maintain my own sailboat. I have sailed the Hudson from NYC to Albany, and it is the most beautiful place on earth.

I also like to hike in the Catskills, Shawgunks, Hudson Highlands, Palisades, and the Green Mountains. There are a lot of nice trails, and back woods walks that I have found in these places.

I want to get a Volt because I feel that it would be putting my money where my mouth is. I feel that it is my patriotic duty to buy products like cars that are not only made in the US, but engineered in the US. Many people who own foreign engineered cars tell me that they are built here. My response is that the really good engineering jobs that went into the making of their vehicle were not in the US, and that is a good part of why we are in the financial mess we are in today.

I consider myself a LIBERAL... A JFK Liberal... Read his speech from 1960 here:
That is how I feel as well. I don't know why it became a dirty word, but I am doing my best to see that the meaning of the word liberal means "forward thinking, and forward acting; knowing the mistakes of the past, and finding more inclusive, and progressive ways of dealing with them so that everyone can benefit." Or something like that... You get my drift.

I hope that I can contribute to this forum. I think that the Volt is a good thing for GM, or any other US manufacturer to pursue. We need to lead the 21st century with our minds, and not our military, as far as I am concerned, and this is a way to start that going.
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