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Hi everybody. I am very interested to see if GM can make this car and sell it for a reasonable price. I am sure there will be buyers for the car at any price but the # will depend heavily on the cost of it.

Say a persons car currently gets 23MPG. If they only drive 40 miles a day then the cost to run the car for the year on fuel alone is $10 a day at $5.75 a gallon (this would account for 14,600 miles per year.)
Now the yearly cost for the fuel would be $3,650/yr at $5.75 a gallon.

You can easily buy a small car that achieves 23MPG for under $20,000 leaving a Volt owner the need to make up a lot for the ROI to be worthwhile. The issue gets worse if battery costs do not go down as I read that almost half the cost of the VOLT will be for the batteries. How long do they last? depending on usage and charging variables between 3 and 6 years before they need replacement.

Right now I know I will buy or build an EV in the next year or 2. Not to save $$ but to do what I think is a good idea. Then again spending the cash for one of these won't be pulling food off my table as it would be for some.

enough rambling for my first post!
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