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Hello from New Jersey

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I leased my 2018 Premier approx 2-weeks ago, and I’m very happy with my choice. Bright silver with all black (really a dark grey) interior - very sharp looking. I debated waiting for a ‘19 but decided to go forward with a good deal.

As you all already know, it’s a great car all around. Hugely satisfying to drive, as well. I’m not enthusiastic about a 19-hr recharge time (8-amp setting starting at zero), so I ordered a level 2 charger, don’t have it yet.
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Yes, I knew that I could adapt the oem charger when I ordered the full-up level 2 evse. It has 3 different amperage settings; I’ll use the lower one now, but can switch to higher level for next car in 3 years :)
Volt support in Central NJ

Welcome! I'm a little South of you, but if you have a good dealer in your area let me know. I'll take a short drive for a dealership that has good Volt support.
If you are near Lawrenceville, there’s a very good Chevy dealer there - Ciocca Motors at QuakerBridge Mall - where I leased mine.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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