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Hello from New Jersey

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I leased my 2018 Premier approx 2-weeks ago, and I’m very happy with my choice. Bright silver with all black (really a dark grey) interior - very sharp looking. I debated waiting for a ‘19 but decided to go forward with a good deal.

As you all already know, it’s a great car all around. Hugely satisfying to drive, as well. I’m not enthusiastic about a 19-hr recharge time (8-amp setting starting at zero), so I ordered a level 2 charger, don’t have it yet.
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Welcome. Hope you enjoy it. We have 2.

Also hate to say it now but with an inexpensive pigtail adapter (see ideafab on Etsy) your standard portable charger that was provided with the Volt can also charge at level 2 (at 12 amps). Cuts charge time down to little more than 5 hours. Using a 16 amp level 2 gets it to a little more than 4.

I bought two very inexpensive dual voltage EVSEs that could either do level one or 16 A at level two (with the aforementioned adapters). The oems remain in our trunks.

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