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Hello from Madison, WI

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I fell in love with the Volt and I told my salesguy at my local Chevy dealership that the Volt was the next car I was going to buy. He told me, that I wasn't the only one waiting for it to show up.

I think this gas crisis we are in is helped GM's top honchos to push forward in the production of the Volt.
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Welcome DeAnn,

I'm from Milwaukee (now in Florida) and I always enjoyed driving over to Madison to see the sun rise over beautiful Lake Mendota. The impending oil crisis is initiating great social and energy related technological changes. The challenges are exciting. In the US, 2.3 of oil is used for transportation. At this point in time, the GM Volt seems to be the only viable option we have for meeting this crisis. The next few years will be interesting for us and we follow these developments.
High Cost of Oil: The Advance New Technology Weapon

Premium prices range from $3.85 to $3.99 locally. Prices hovering around $4.00 apparently is the price point where people stop buying SUVs and look to hybrids and other gas sipping technologies. I favor adding a $2.00 tax on gas to curtail further use. I prefer to subsidize new transportation energy technologies and solutions, rather than eventually paying it to OPEC.
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