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Hello from Madison, WI

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I fell in love with the Volt and I told my salesguy at my local Chevy dealership that the Volt was the next car I was going to buy. He told me, that I wasn't the only one waiting for it to show up.

I think this gas crisis we are in is helped GM's top honchos to push forward in the production of the Volt.
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Hi Tom:

Just out of curiosity, what's the price for a gallon of gas in Florida? Here in Madison it's still under $4.00. It's been bouncing around between $3.93 - $4.03.
My sister lives about a hour north of Milwaukee, she reported that the cost of gas in Waukesha was $4.13.
My husband and I drive to Milwaukee to go to Gille's and Pieces of Eight! We enjoy the Milwaukee Auto Show and, of course, SummerFest!
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