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Hello all! I'm glad to have found an active, thriving community of folks who seem to share a common objective.

My primary interest is reducing our dependence on foreign oil and providing a clean environment for my children, grandchildren (when they come :) and successive generations to inherit.

To that end, I'm very active in the alternative energy movement and with research and political advocacy of alternative fuels and cars such as the Chevy Volt.

I maintain two weblogs that discuss alternative energy issues: is a weblog where myself and others post commentary on alternative energy issues. is a video weblog that follows alternative energy advocates and festivals to bring audio and video commentary to the public. Recent speakers include Vinod Khosla, Bon Lutz, Robert Zubrin, Rick Wagoner, and many others.
Hello Scott:

We are also headquartered in Birmingham! Please visit our web site for more information.


Jack Dickinson
[email protected]
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