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I am really excited about the Chevy Volt as a concept car and I am hoping other manufacturer's are getting onto the bandwagon as well.

Like nhrabill I am of a strong conservative bent, far from a tree hugger, and while I don't believe in global warming I do believe in breathing cleaner air.

I strongly believe in our national security believing as well all problems involving the middle east could be solved if we just didn't put ourselves in a position where we needed their oil.

Something along the line of the Chevy Volt has the potential to save America as we knew it and that is why I will be one of the first in line to purchase one when available.

Imagine with me what would happen to the price of gasoline if we effectively stopped using it. Reviewing my wife's driving habits she always drives less then 40 miles per day with the exception of four 250 mile round trips per year to see a specialty doctor.

210*4 = 840 gasoline miles @ 50 mpg = 16.8 gallons of gasoline per year. To be on the safe side even if we doubled it to 33.6 gallons of gasoline purchased per year it would have zero impact on my wallet even if gasoline hit $20 or even $30 a gallon.

My wife's total driving might be 14,000 miles per year with her current car getting 30 mpg she purchases 466 gallons per year. Obviously if gasoline hit $10 a gallon we would feel that.

I drive 25,000 miles per year, 90% of it is related to business use as I live only one mile from my employment, in a vehicle that gets 18 mpg consuming 1,388 gallons of gasoline per year.

At $3.70 a gallon I burn through $5,138 a year in gas.

Half of my driving involves less then 40 miles per day. I would have to say half my driving involves trips averaging 120 miles with the longest being 240 miles.

That's 104 120 mile trips per year or 8,320 gasoline miles which would consume 167 gallons of gasoline. At $3.70 the gasoline cost would be $616 saving me $4,522 a year.

Even with a selling price of $40,000 based on a 100% 7 year 6% loan my payments would be $438.26. Based on $3.70 gasoline I could be driving a new car free and if gas hits $5.00 or ven $8.00 as some claim then it becomes a no brainer.

But if 70% of the American people did this we would never see $5.00 gasoline the price would collapse back to $15 a barrel.

You'd see gasoline selling for $0.99 again.

nhrabill mentioned being a realtor. It also needs to be recognized $5.00 to $8.00 gasoline will lay waste to our suburban areas. In many areas of the country 80 mile daily commutes are not uncommon and $8.00 gasoline will devastate these communities. Probably to the extent of abandonment.

Concepts like the Chevy Volt have the potential to save our entire way of life which is pretty damn good if I say so myself.

If fuel dropped to $1.00 a gallon, if everyone used half of what they use now it would, with our ability to grow food we would become the financial powerhouse of the 21st century.

As far as I am concerned the entire middle east can go back to riding camels and picking fleas. Except for the oil the entire middle east, along with everyone in it, is not worth the life of a single American.

I live in an area that enjoys a lot of sunshine year around and I have a very large property lot. I haven't done any research but I have to wonder how much it would cost to set up a solar array large enough to charge my car in 8 hours?

America is not falling on hard times, we are not at the end of our empire. America is just not beginning to enter its golden age.

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Welcome Art

You will NEVER see .99 cent gas/petrol again! Period.

The USA uses about 25% of world oil consumption, if you reduced consumption by half (50%) that would reduce world consumption by 12.5%, or about four - five years growth. It is just not possible to convert the entire fleet to EV in three years, unless you go to a war footing.

I agree with you about the suburbs, I see a lot of carpooling starting there about now, or abandonment.
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