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I actually created this login in March, but I mostly just reply to the posts on the main page without logging in (it's so much easier, and more what I'm used to). Still, I do have a desire to get 'deeper' on some of the issues surrounding the Volt, enough to finally 'take the plunge' on the unfamiliar Forum format.

Yes, I <i>am</i> old, thank you for noticing.

I live in the area north of Atlanta Georgia, in the drying, frying automotive hell of Southern commuter sprawl.

When I was a kid reading my grandfather's Popular magazines, experts were saying that a practical electric car was just ten years away. I hoped that one might be out by the time I got my license. In fact, the first practical electric car would continue to be ten years away for the next four decades.

This is a subject I've had a long interest in, and somewhere in a back closet still, there are drawings 20 - 30 years old of how I might do it myself, one day. It has been a very, very long wait. The Volt looks like the best shot I've ever had at one ...

...and another thing those 'experts' predicted within 10 years was 'hang on the wall television.' Something very like that <i>was</i> eventually made, 3 decades later, so I feel there's hope.
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