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Hello all! New 2017 Volt owner here

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cliffs of this thread that i made are:

-found a "used" '17 with almost 24k miles (its 14 months old though)
-started out at $24k
-haggled back and forth online and got down to $21k
-visited dealer saturday and for them down to $20,500
-im happy as a lark so far!

just a couple things i've noticed so far that maybe someone can answer for me.....

1. when connected to BT i don't hear my phone when texts come through. what am i missing?
2. i've seen older threads so my apologies if its been answered....can i change my default charge to 12amps over 8?
3. what is your level 2 charger of choice for home?
4. is there any way to turn the electronics on without starting the car? (my FFE would be just to push the start button without your foot on the brake)

and last but not least (i couldn't find a definitive answer on GDOTS website)......

5. can i get the AF tag and use the HOV lanes in GA still?!? ;)
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is the 12 amp worth it that much even on a 220?

or what about if im at my folks 40 year old house with shady wiring and need a quick top off. will 12amps burn their house down?!?
On 220 it will default to 15 amps. There is no selection when using 220 volts.
You don't NEED to plug into shady wiring, just use gas. If you can plug in away from home, leave it to default to the 8 amp rate. You can set it to automatically switch to 12 amps at home where you should already know the wiring.
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