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Heated steering wheel not as hot

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This simply happened all of a sudden, one day last week. I thought perhaps I was imagining it but suddenly this morning it heated up to its normal glorious temperature that I remember when I first tried it. This happen to anyone else? Currently at 7,300 miles and I might bring it in for its first service soon, and ask to check this out.
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It's possible the thermostat is wonky or loose causing it to turn off the heater prematurely. I can't think of any other reason it wouldn't reach its full temperature, but I can say that it tends to fluctuate over time given how small of an area is actually being heated.
Is this based on the sensation in your hands?

If so your body feels relative temperature difference. If your hands are warm than the heated steering wheel will not feel very warm. If your hands are freezing cold the steering wheel will feel almost like it's burning hot even though the steering wheel is the same temperature in both instances.
The temperature remains at a steady slightly warm heat throughout the drive. I just compared it to a colleague's Volt that was purchased a week after mine and there's a world of difference. So yes this is based on sensation in my hands but nothing relative to body temp!

Will update after I bring it in to the dealership.
Oh to have such a problem! lol. God the heated wheel in my Leaf was a joke. Heated up toasty hot then shut off for at least 10 minutes. Even with its ludicrous behavior I miss it.
I have both a Tesla Model S and now a new Volt. This is the first thing I noticed where the Volt is superior to the Tesla. The heated steering wheel on the Volt is so much faster and warmer than the Tesla. I love it.
I have the opposite problem, it gets so hot it's unusable without thick gloves.
But then you don't need to have it on except maybe when it's -40, but then I'll have even thicker gloves on!
I actually turn it off and on when it is at full heat for a while it is so good at heating. The other advantage over the Tesla is the convenience of having the button right on the steering wheel instead of having to go through a few tabs on the console screen.
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