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Heat Related Issue with Center Console Display

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Hi all,

I've been seeing an interesting thing happening recently with my '17 Premier. On days when it is hot out or the car has been sitting in the sun all day, and I enter the exceptionally hot cabin to start my car, I am seeing an issue with the center console display.

Basically - the backlight is out and the touch screen does not work. I can faintly see the screen icons and notification popups so the display itself is on/changing - only the touch and backlight do not function. After driving the car for a few minutes and cooling off the cabin, the console suddenly returns to normal working order - the display lights and the touch screen works. It's as if the high cabin temperature is preventing the display from working properly.

I don't recall seeing this issue last summer with the car so I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced it. I do plan to bring the car to the dealer (I took a video of the issue the last time it happened) but just wanted to know if anyone else has seen this.

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We have the SAME problem. My husband just came from work, and the touchscreen is REALLY HOT to the touch, and it does not come up at all, it's all blacked out! It was hot today in CA. We put the car in the garage, in more shade, and while the rest of the car's heat came down, touching the touchscreen with the PALM of our hands, the touchscreen IS REALLY HOT. It's boiling hot even an hour with the car being OFF completely!!!! Nothing else in the car is hot!

We believe it's a software problem, not a hardware one. There are one-two more threads about this exact issue in the front page of this subforum, popping up in the last few days. This means that it's not a random hardware failure for us, but it's reproducible among a number of people recently, now that the weather gets hotter. Another clue that this is a software issue is that it didn't happen last year. This is probably a new bug, introduced in one of the firmware updates during the late last year's updates.

I'm currently in a bit of a scare, because the screen is so hot, it might make the car catch fire! :/

Is there any way to "reset" the whole thing, as some devices have, where you go with a little pin and you reset the whole thing? Wish it existed, because right now, the whole behavior of the car with the boiling hot screen has me in a scare.
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