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Has anyone traded in for a new or preowned Tesla?

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I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times by now, but I'm curious if anyone has traded up to a Telsa? If so, any regrets/caveats/etc? Unfortunately, even their pre-owned/lease trade-ins are still expensive. $50K+

Can you use the tax credit on a pre-owned vehicle or is it only applicable to a new purchase? Any feedback is welcome.

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There are quite a few Tesla owners here; some still have the Volt and some don't.

Tesla is making amazing cars, for a crazy price. No regrets - it absolutely is an amazing car (and absolutely is a crazy price. The value for money is probably there, I think...)

The massive instant torque and slick "just works" integration and magic self driving safety and astounding windshield make it an experience on a whole other level from the Volt (and mine's the slow Tesla - 5.5/6 seconds to 60 with/without rollout, among the slowest they've ever sold.)

I haven't had any problems with mine so far, so I can't tell you how the service situation is. What I've read is that they mostly bend over backwards to get malfunctions that strand the car resolved immediately, but that for driveable problems or routine service they are booked several weeks out. Parts for crash repair seem to be hard to get by most accounts, too.
I like the idea of fast charging (80% in 1/2 hour?) but for me this would only happen at home. Their supercharging network is essentially non-existing where I live. However, their range is more than enough to get me to my extended family homes and plug in there. I just need to convince them to install a 240V outlet to make it work for us. ;) I also believe Telsa gives loaner cars out should you need service that takes a significant amount of time?
They promised to double the number of locations this year, which will probably include filling out I-80 in PA (Bloomburg just came online a month or two ago,) and possibly more further north (I-86? US6?)
We have a pre-order on the Tesla 3 since July. I want to go all electric but I just can't bear to part with any of the performance my Subaru STi offers. Hoping we'll be able to afford an optioned out performance model with dual motors and full autonomy.
Unless it's a special performance model of STi or heavily modded, you probably won't need the performance 3 to match the acceleration - just the "standard" big battery dual motor car.

We're expecting the maxxed out Ludicrous version of the 3 to be a sub-3 second to 60 car based on the guidance we've been given - and the slowest 3 small battery rear motor is promised to be less than 6 seconds to 60.
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