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Has anyone traded in for a new or preowned Tesla?

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I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times by now, but I'm curious if anyone has traded up to a Telsa? If so, any regrets/caveats/etc? Unfortunately, even their pre-owned/lease trade-ins are still expensive. $50K+

Can you use the tax credit on a pre-owned vehicle or is it only applicable to a new purchase? Any feedback is welcome.

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I have toyed with the idea of suggesting a CPO model S to replace my wife's ICE RAV 4. But, I think I will wait and see:
a) how much out of warranty (we keep our cars 10+ years) costs run
b) how expensive parts like the door handles hold up over long periods of time (in conjuction with a)
c) whether at some point they require payment for a data plan to get over the air SW and Nav updates
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