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Has anyone traded in for a new or preowned Tesla?

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I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times by now, but I'm curious if anyone has traded up to a Telsa? If so, any regrets/caveats/etc? Unfortunately, even their pre-owned/lease trade-ins are still expensive. $50K+

Can you use the tax credit on a pre-owned vehicle or is it only applicable to a new purchase? Any feedback is welcome.

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I guess you could say I did, but it was from a gen 1 vs a gen 2 (which incidentally, I would have optioned IDENTICALLY to the one you have as an aside). No tax credit on pre-owned vehicles I am afraid.

I think you need to really examine "why" before doing so. I mean, honestly, most folks get such a high percentage of their time driving on electric with a gen 2 Volt there is rarely a "gas cost" savings. The Volt is still better at long distance travel than any Tesla in terms of refueling time/flexibility - probably comes down to your exact use-case.

The Tesla is certainly larger and it a lot faster. Indeed, it was the "high performance" aspect that drive me to switch. In all honesty, I test drove the BMW i3 rex, Audi A3 E-tron and gen 2 Volt. I would be driving the Audi right now if it even had 30 miles of EV range as it drove realy well compared to teh others, but it didn't and at 16 miles of range was sort of a "why bother going PHEV".

I still like the Tesla (mines a P85+), but would really prefer something physically smaller and a bit cheaper. I look forward to the coming waves of both electrics and PHEVs where we won't have to compromise on one thing to get another nearly as much.
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