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Has anyone traded in for a new or preowned Tesla?

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I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times by now, but I'm curious if anyone has traded up to a Telsa? If so, any regrets/caveats/etc? Unfortunately, even their pre-owned/lease trade-ins are still expensive. $50K+

Can you use the tax credit on a pre-owned vehicle or is it only applicable to a new purchase? Any feedback is welcome.

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I seriously considered a CPO Tesla back in November. I worked with a salesman at the West Palm Beach service center, where they also keep the CPO vehicles. I test drove a P85+ and a S85 and had my desired list of required and nice to haves along with pricing. I had my financing lined up. I was ready.

Then I drove one. Other than being fast, the "wow" factor was not there for me. I've had lots of fast cars, and now I'm just over it. LOL

I've had a Voltec vehicle for nearly 5 years now. Driving electric is nothing new to me, it is normal. I expect the quiet, the smooth, the not going to gas stations.

When I considered the price (62-68k) for a used Tesla and thought about if I really needed the additional cost and range, I changed my mind. I picked up a 17' Volt earlier this month and now I'm a happy camper once again.

Good luck with your decision.
I was lucky enough to drive a CTS-V around a race track once, and man was that a blast. But it had the opposite effect on me that the Cadillac marketing folks probably didn't expect. It convinced me to never own one as the temptation is too great to do something stupid. I love my volt, only wish it had more space.
Ha! I can see how this could happen!
After reading threads on how expensive it is to repair a Tesla (after a minor accident) or out of warranty, insurance costs and parts unavailability rendering a MS inoperable for weeks, my LUST for a Tesla is waning. And the more I think about I really want a Chevy/GM EV. My guess is it won't be so "finicky" to operate or repair.
If you buy a CPO Tesla that should not be an issue. They basically give the car a new 4 year warranty, which is why their CPOs are so pricey.
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