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Had my Volt for !5 days and the front turn signal is out already!

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I just picked up my 2017 volt 15 days ago and the front signal is out already. I don't believe it is covered under warranty. it would appear to be fairly easy to access trough the front fender liner. Love the car otherwise, 900km on it already and 800 plus on battery.
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This is an excerpt from a Canadian GM dealer's website regarding bumper to bumper warranty

A vehicle can have over 13,000 parts so, as you can tell, a lot more is actually covered by your warranty than not! However, you should note that items with daily wear and tear are generally not part of the overall warranty, such as:

Regular, all-season or winter tires
Standard maintenance items like oil, filters, wiper blades, transmission fluids, sparkplugs, lightbulbs, batteries, etc.
Brake pads and related friction materials that wear down with use
Clutch wear components
Windshields, glass and mirrors
Shock absorbers and struts
Its done, took 5 minutes, no tools required and the bulb cost $8.59 CDN
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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