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Guess-O-Meter or Accurate Range Display?

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I see some refer to the Volts range display as a Guess-O-Meter (GOM). My range display is pretty darn accurate, so why do some refer to theirs as a "GOM"?

I suspect the issue is based on the driver not understanding (or forgetting) things that affect car range. The car's range display is based on the drivers last few trips, and it is basically saying, "Based on the last few days of driving, you should get this range, all things being equal."

That last part is important, if conditions change, the estimated range will be off. This is where people get tripped up.

Changes in condition include:
  • Tire Pressure. Low tire pressure will decrease range. It's very easy to loose 2-3 or more PSI when the outside air temps drop.
  • Weather. Cold, wet, snow will all decrease range.
  • Heater/A/C. Cranking these up will decrease range.
  • Aggressive Driving. The more aggressive the driver is in starts and stops, the more the range will be negatively affected.
  • Speed. Speed kills ...battery range. The faster you drive the more it will negatively affect the battery range.
The effective range of the car can drop (or increase) based on changes in the above compared to the previous days driving record. I think some people forget that, leading to calling the range display as GOM.
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I'm not a Tesla fanboy but I think Tesla's range is a lot more accurate especially if you enter your destination. It's calculating more than historic trends to estimate range. However I don't own one so I would be parroting other Testa reviewers. I heard they're even taking temperature, elevation, traffic, speed limit, vehicle load and probably other variables I haven't even thought about into account.
IF the car knows WHERE you are going and THE ROUTE you will be taking, it seems reasonable to have the car take these current factors into consideration when estimating range. Of course this assumes every trip you make would need to start by powering up and entering the destination and route.

I suspect many will not do this except maybe for very long trips (vacation, etc.).
Don't forget that the guess-o-meter can be fun ! One time after weeks of 70 mph highway commuting I took surface streets home and the guess-o-meter started ADDING ON
miles as I drove ! Gotta love those algorithms :)
That happened on the Volt some, and it happens all the time on the Bolt, and yet it is accurate. I find it takes several charging cycles to narrow it's accuracy after an atypical trip. I can't believe how much sudden drops in temps when the car is outside will draw down miles/kilowatt. I try and game it but once behind the 8 ball it's hard to get it back up if it stays cool.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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