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Guess how many Bolts will were sold in May?

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I'll start. I'll guess... uh... 1,566
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What confuses me is the delivery sheet says 1566, but the press release says 1438 to retail customers. Makes me think they might be about 10% fleet sales?

They are clear on the subject that the information in the press report is for retail sales, as they also say Malibu had best month since 1980, but sales were less than last year. My guess is it is the best retail month ever, so the discrepancy between the two numbers must be retail vs total deliveries. I wonder if that is a slip up on their part as they usually don't advertise how many of a particular vehicle were for fleet sales, do they?
May Brand Retail Highlights (vs. 2016)


Malibu and Camaro were up 40 percent and 6 percent, respectively.
Malibu had its best month since October 1980.
Equinox, Traverse and Trax were up 17 percent, 2 percent and 18 percent, respectively.
Chevrolet had its best year to date performance for crossovers ever.
Chevrolet dealers sold 1,438 Bolt EVs to retail customers, the best month ever for the game-changing EV.
In the Bolt's case, MEH doesn't sell much at all.
I think it is combination of "Meh" mixed with $40k price tag. I think if the Bolt EV were $10k cheaper it would sell relatively well. However, performance from Bolt is actually pretty good. I think if it added optional AWD and were a CUV it would sell really well.

However, what Tesla has going for them is the Supercharging infrastructure and the Autopilot. I think GM needs to compete on those grounds or no matter what they make won't sell in large numbers. Should probably go in with other legacy automakers and install a nationwide network of chargers. Most CCS are in the wrong spots for long distance travel, and too slow anyway.

Also, GM has an image issue. People in coastal areas generally don't like them no matter what they do, even now that they make some great vehicles. The Volt has actually captured a fair number of those buyers though, but they need to do more.

Changes don't happen overnight. It can take decades, but planning has to start now. GM is making record profits, they should put some of that to improve their image and expand clean energy and EVs.
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