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Guess how many Bolts will were sold in May?

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I'll start. I'll guess... uh... 1,566
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A subcompact hatchback has always been a weak selling segment despite being one of the cheapest...
True. More so since gas prices were cut in half.

Make no mistake, if the Bolt looked like FNR-X concept, even if was downsized for the subcompact segment it would probably have double the sales.
I'm sorry but you are mistaken. I would be much more inclined to buy it, yes. The general public doesn't like to stand out like that.

Best selling passenger cars according to Business Insider (based on total sales) in order:

Toyota Camry
Honda Civic
Toyota Corolla
Honda Accord
Nissan Altima
Ford Fusion
Chevrolet Malibu
Nissan Sentra
Hyundai Elantra

With the possible exception of the Sentra, the numbers are higher for the less stylish models.

Best selling CUVs:

Honda CR-V
Toyota RAV4
Nissan Rogue
Ford Escape
Ford Explorer
Chevrolet Equinox
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Same deal here - the numbers are higher for the less stylish models. Price may be a factor that I didn't take any time to compare.
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My claim (which is impossible to prove/disprove) was "DOUBLE THE SALES", so the Bolt sold 1566 last month, my claim was that they would have 3132 sales...
A claim that started with "Make no mistake".

Next, your Bus Insider article is CARS as in sedans/coupes which excludes TRUCKS...
No, I excluded the trucks, but I did include CUVs. Here's the article:

Apology accepted...
HAH!!! You wish! :rolleyes:

Bottom line is that MEH sells to the average buyer.

Bolt looks okay for what it is. It's the overall shape that doesn't grab me, not what they did with it. For the average buyer I'm sure it's just fine, or perhaps a bit too stylish even.

Heck, if my wife really really really likes it I might let her trade our Volt in. Probably not though.
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Current Camry has a pretty aggressive front end, new gen Camry looks even less bland...In SUV land, while somewhat boring they are all highly stylized...Lexus is the mainstream brand that I would say is one of the least bland but it's also up there at about $35K for base models...
You can get away with a multitude of sins where brand and model loyalty is in play. Bland perhaps not, but fugly, which is the next best thing.

People don't like being approached by strangers when they roll up in their car. You can't have that kind of "leave me alone" space rolling up in an ELR (as an example).
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