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Guess how many Bolts will were sold in May?

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I'll start. I'll guess... uh... 1,566
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A subcompact hatchback has always been a weak selling segment despite being one of the cheapest...Depending on the maker, the mid/compact SUV segment (Equinox, CRV, Rav4) outsells a subcompact hatches (Spark/Sonic hatch, Fit, Yaris) by 5-10 times...Heck the top 3 selling models are Full size pickups...

Make no mistake, if the Bolt looked like FNR-X concept, even if was downsized for the subcompact segment it would probably have double the sales...88% of all Bolts were sold in IMAGE CONSCIENCE California where if the buyer can afford the Bolt, high odds they're already driving a BMW/MB/Lexus/Audi and most wouldn't give up their ICE luxury car for a Bolt even if it was $19,995 with 1000 miles of range...
Agreed. Good looking products tend to attract people and sell well. It's just how human nature works.

The Bolt is a bland car at best and rather ungainly at worst. The rear is absolutely hideous. GM needs a revamping of their styling department. Their cars are just too bland and have no real character or definition.
A claim that started with "Make no mistake".

No, I excluded the trucks, but I did include CUVs. Here's the article:

HAH!!! You wish! :rolleyes:

Bottom line is that MEH sells to the average buyer.

Bolt looks okay for what it is. It's the overall shape that doesn't grab me, not what they did with it. For the average buyer I'm sure it's just fine, or perhaps a bit too stylish even.

Heck, if my wife really really really likes it I might let her trade our Volt in. Probably not though.
In the Bolt's case, MEH doesn't sell much at all.
I think it is combination of "Meh" mixed with $40k price tag. I think if the Bolt EV were $10k cheaper it would sell relatively well. However, performance from Bolt is actually pretty good. I think if it added optional AWD and were a CUV it would sell really well.

However, what Tesla has going for them is the Supercharging infrastructure and the Autopilot. I think GM needs to compete on those grounds or no matter what they make won't sell in large numbers. Should probably go in with other legacy automakers and install a nationwide network of chargers. Most CCS are in the wrong spots for long distance travel, and too slow anyway.

Also, GM has an image issue. People in coastal areas generally don't like them no matter what they do, even now that they make some great vehicles. The Volt has actually captured a fair number of those buyers though, but they need to do more.

Changes don't happen overnight. It can take decades, but planning has to start now. GM is making record profits, they should put some of that to improve their image and expand clean energy and EVs.
Perhaps...that's why I also mentioned somewhere else that GM has gotten the Bolt's pricing WAY off. It's far too much money for what it is and all they were banking on was EV range. You cannot make a successful car on a single attribute alone. Eventually all the other attributes that don't add to the car's appeal will catch up to its fate.

What Tesla has going for it is that it's a cutting edge company. It takes risks that GM simply won't take. I'm not talking just about the product but also the vision. While GM is busy developing the next gas-guzzler truck, companies like Tesla, etc are developing the next generation of automobiles. There is a huge "vision" gap between companies like GM and companies like Tesla.

There can never be any progress in a whole-hearted fashion when all companies do with their "Record profits" is do more of the same. Aren't people getting tired of the same old, archaic, outdated tech being shoved down their throats again and again just so some stock market goons and shareholders can be given cake, coffee, and have a smile on their faces? If not, what a sad face of humanity we have keeping us back.
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