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Guess how many Bolts will were sold in May?

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I'll start. I'll guess... uh... 1,566
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What is interesting is the Volt+Bolt number which is approaching ~4000 sales pm.

So this tells one that what people want is a large variety of vehicles which become steady sellers. If someone wants a certain vehicle type they are resistant to buying the Bolt even if it is electric which they want.
Make no mistake, if the Bolt looked like FNR-X concept, even if was downsized for the subcompact segment it would probably have double the sales..
I’m not sure about this however. One suspects it would attract the same percentage from buyers of that body type. Right now about 1%-2%. Also Equinox buyers expect a lot more from their cars than a city beater. The Rav4 EV never really sold well.

My point was that EV’s attract a certain niche of customers from each body type. And it appears these customers may not be readily translatable to other body types.

The vast majority of cars sold on the market are bleh, mediocre looking cars. Most people do not want a striking looking car for normal use.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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