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Grille Color

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Hi all, I am a new Volt owner (previously a Jetta Hybrid owner) with a Gray 2016 premier.
Enjoying the car but the amount of cheap looking chrome on the front was a bit much. Thought about painting the grille black with Plastidip but thought it would look too much like a regular car. So I used the Smoke color of Plastidip on the grille itself and I think it looks much better. Thought about making the gold emblem black but don't think it would look good on this grey car...
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Not sure from pictures but it looks like the grill/surround is the same metals as the Gen1 which are different colours. The surround is chrome which is electroplated copper, nickel then chrome layer and is very shiny. The grills I think are stainless steel which when next to the chrome surround is not a shiny. This next to each other just doesn't seem right subconsciously and the reason everybody is trying to change it. The big gold bow tie doesn't tie into many/most colours. Just doing black is too obvious/contrasty for most colours and while different not a whole lot better than what's there already. Tricky design problem.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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