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Greetings from Toronto have a ?

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Trying to decide between getting A new 2017 or a 2015 with low km's. I do like the look of the gen 1 over the gen 2. Should the deciding factor be the increased ev range of the gen 2. Thanks
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For used car buyers, sadly, EVs do not have the same depreciation rate. Depreciation is still much more steep than ICE vehicles, but you are not going to find sub-$10000 used Leafs or Volts anywhere near Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

I bought the 2017 due to the large Ontario Rebate ($12747 + $452 on 240V ESVE), the 'emergencies only' 5th seat, regular fuel instead of premium, and the interior styling being less 'Whirlpool Appliance' in aesthetics. And of course the double range, which I use 90% of the ~100km daily.
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