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Happy New Volt Owner.

Well not new, 2013 I bought with 71k on it.

Haven't been without challenges either. I bought the car from carmax without ever looking at it besides what you see on the web page. So I got in the car and drove home. Then I looked in the back and no charge cable.
That was on Friday. On Monday they had me a cable. It was for a leaf but I took it.
Driving home I had a flat. There's no spare! I put the fixaflat stuff built into the compressor in and was able to drive about a mile before it got too low to drive, then stopped and aired it up again. So it was maybe 7-8 stops but I made it home. I could have called AAA but what would they do, tow the car home?
Next day I took the tire off and put a plug in it. Seems like it's doing fine now, put 40 psi in all the tires.
Pretty neat that it knows what the tire pressure is.

Had a successful journey yesterday without starting the engine.

I love the car, slowly figuring out how it works. I was getting 38mpg with no electric and tires aired up to 35psi.

I don't have a green ball that I read about in the manual. I just have a gas tank on the right and a battery on the left. Must be different software versions...

Glad to be here, nice looking forum, lots of reading to do.
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