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Greetings from LA!

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Just picked up a '17 Volt! Coming from a polar opposite car '14 Dodge Challenger R/T (5.7 Hemi, manual 6psd, custom exhaust, intake, tune @400HP). Not going to lie, miss my Challenger, but driving the beast in the commute was killing me! 16mpg(!) manual, loud was great for fun, not so much for a 45-60min bumper to bumper freeway crawl in LA.

Have the LT heather gray now with heated seats, heated steering wheel, light charge port. After a few months of driving I can honestly say I enjoy this car more than my Challenger as a daily driver. Great response/power in sport mode (only mode I drive in), nice handling as suspension is very well tuned for comfort and control. Infotainment is very easy to use and I love Android Auto and the base stereo sounds pretty damn good. Still not used to how quiet this car is! Many times I check to see if I turned it on.

Got a great deal... $7500 federal rebate, $3500 California rebate (being poor paid off for once!), $450 SoCal Edison Power rebate, Chevy rebate, dealer rebate... my gawd, took off about $15K!

My daily commute is 43mi round trip and I charge based on off peak @ 110v/12amps. In the morning before I take off I pre-condition the car and usually return with about 10mi of range left. My Challenger was using about $7-8 of gas per day... Volt probably around $1.80 of electricity. I'm no mathematician, but even I can figure out this word problem!

Oh yeah... just got my green car pool stickers, saves me another 15-20min on my commute. Only time in my life I will ever blow by a Dodge Hellcat! Still stare at it in my rear view mirror in envy though.

I'm sure you'll be seeing me around as I love cars and love talking about them... Here's a couple pics of before and after (please tell me I made the right swap!).:cool:

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Congrats, your going to love it....I gave up a fast, modded police interceptor to drive my volt - In Canada fuel is 6.50 per gallon , im saving just under $400.00 per month..!! Only got 5k off a $40000 car though, but it's still saving me money......!!!!
And, I will make one correction , it wasn't that fast...LOL I love the torque of the volt in SPORT mode.....!!!
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