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Greetings from LA!

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Just picked up a '17 Volt! Coming from a polar opposite car '14 Dodge Challenger R/T (5.7 Hemi, manual 6psd, custom exhaust, intake, tune @400HP). Not going to lie, miss my Challenger, but driving the beast in the commute was killing me! 16mpg(!) manual, loud was great for fun, not so much for a 45-60min bumper to bumper freeway crawl in LA.

Have the LT heather gray now with heated seats, heated steering wheel, light charge port. After a few months of driving I can honestly say I enjoy this car more than my Challenger as a daily driver. Great response/power in sport mode (only mode I drive in), nice handling as suspension is very well tuned for comfort and control. Infotainment is very easy to use and I love Android Auto and the base stereo sounds pretty damn good. Still not used to how quiet this car is! Many times I check to see if I turned it on.

Got a great deal... $7500 federal rebate, $3500 California rebate (being poor paid off for once!), $450 SoCal Edison Power rebate, Chevy rebate, dealer rebate... my gawd, took off about $15K!

My daily commute is 43mi round trip and I charge based on off peak @ 110v/12amps. In the morning before I take off I pre-condition the car and usually return with about 10mi of range left. My Challenger was using about $7-8 of gas per day... Volt probably around $1.80 of electricity. I'm no mathematician, but even I can figure out this word problem!

Oh yeah... just got my green car pool stickers, saves me another 15-20min on my commute. Only time in my life I will ever blow by a Dodge Hellcat! Still stare at it in my rear view mirror in envy though.

I'm sure you'll be seeing me around as I love cars and love talking about them... Here's a couple pics of before and after (please tell me I made the right swap!).:cool:

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Oh yeah, you totally made the right swap. I certainly have fond memories of my muscle-car days (a long time ago now), but now I appreciate the characteristics of an EV lifestyle even more. Where revving up my engine in preparation for a fast take-off used to make my blood flow, now I get more of a kick out of taking off like a shot in near-total silence. While there was a certain pride in timing the delayed acceleration of an ICE just right for a perfect pass, it's now even better to have instant response when I need to accelerate. As you sit in stop-and-go traffic and others are burning gas to go nowhere, you'll know that you're only using energy when you actually move (plus just a little to stay comfortable). About a year and a half from now, it's going to dawn on you that the only maintenance you've done on your Volt is a single tire rotation (and that will have been free), and then you'll start adding up in your head all that you would have paid to maintain the Challenger. Add to your already substantial fuel savings, and to the fact that you're driving a great car with super technology that handles well and is really fun to drive, and you'll still be glad you made the change you did. Congratulations on your new Volt!
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