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I imagine that GM is already planning on installing GPS, or at least making it an option but wouldn't this GPS system be cool:

Essentially what it boils down to is a GPS network that collates real time traffic data from other users of the system so that drivers have actual and factual data on their drive. So if I'm on the 405 and having a hell of a time any other drivers who use this same service will know how bad the 405 is. ( I know the 405 is the worst example to use since it always sucks, any SoCal folks on the forum know of which I speak).

But more than that I think it also creates even more community between Volt owners. It's like we'll be working traffic together.

On a complete side note, 2010 seems way too far away for me right now. I am bursting waiting for the Volt, the billboards around town have me watering at the mouth.:D
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