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I prefer WAZE over Google maps, in part because of prior use, and partially... because I like it lol. My wife feels the same and has a 2016 Malibu to go along with my 2017 Volt.

Any way to use WAZE thru the touch screen?
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I think I saw somewhere that Waze for Android Auto was put on hold.

It's a real shame that it isn't available for both AA and CarPlay. I can see Apple wanting you to use their own maps, but Google owns Waze so you would think they would be open to you using GMaps, or Waze.
I read that at the recent Apple Developers Conference, they announced that Google Maps and Waze will be added to Apple Car Play this fall when iOS 12 comes out.
Yeah that's right. I think that is the best thing about the update, and I don't even have CarPlay in my Volt (do have it in the Suburban though).

I guess Apple got smart and realized that people were still using Waze and Google Maps, but in a less safe way, so they are removing the restrictions on navigation apps in CarPlay. Waze and Google Maps were mentioned, but I'm sure there will be others as well. Basically it is up to the app developer now to make their apps work in CarPlay. If only I could retrofit it to my car someway...
Huh, my suburban has a cassette player and CD player, no CarPlay or even an AUX plug. I guess it's way past time to upgrade my 1995 3/4 ton Suburban, but it's hard to walk away from this super-reliable 454 cu in beast.
Same with my '96 Suburban, with the 5.7. It's a little embarrassing that even the lawn/gardener guys have newer trucks than mine. But it was paid for 20+ years ago, and doesn't cost much to keep around. BTW it is fairly easy for anyone with some soldering skills to add an AUX jack.

Waze is a fun app even for us non-commuters. It is nice to get those reports of stalled vehicles and police ahead. A family member can let you know their progress as they drive cross country. Plus I finally earned enough points to make "Royalty Wazer" level. So I make sure I use it for any longer drive to maintain the status - even in the Volt where I use the in-dash NAV. It will be great to have it available via Carplay.
Mine didn't have it either, but added a Kenwood headunit with it. Wife wouldn't drive it without a backup camera so I took the opportunity to upgrade. Mine is a 2006 2500, 8.1L (496 CI). Guess we all have the family/trailer hauler gas guzzlers, and the Volts to average out to two average ICE vehicles that "normal" people would have haha.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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