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I prefer WAZE over Google maps, in part because of prior use, and partially... because I like it lol. My wife feels the same and has a 2016 Malibu to go along with my 2017 Volt.

Any way to use WAZE thru the touch screen?
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Huh, my suburban has a cassette player and CD player, no CarPlay or even an AUX plug. I guess it's way past time to upgrade my 1995 3/4 ton Suburban, but it's hard to walk away from this super-reliable 454 cu in beast.
Same with my '96 Suburban, with the 5.7. It's a little embarrassing that even the lawn/gardener guys have newer trucks than mine. But it was paid for 20+ years ago, and doesn't cost much to keep around. BTW it is fairly easy for anyone with some soldering skills to add an AUX jack.

Waze is a fun app even for us non-commuters. It is nice to get those reports of stalled vehicles and police ahead. A family member can let you know their progress as they drive cross country. Plus I finally earned enough points to make "Royalty Wazer" level. So I make sure I use it for any longer drive to maintain the status - even in the Volt where I use the in-dash NAV. It will be great to have it available via Carplay.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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