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Good numbers on lease?

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How do these lease numbers look? Orange County, CA

I am in Orange County, Ca. I was emailed by a local GM dealer after I entered my info on the GM website hoping to get a Private Offer. He sent me some numbers regarding a current lease special and I was wondering what you guys thought. The car is a Bolt Premier (white with dark grey leather)with all options including DC fast charging. MSRP of $43570. Based on a 35 month lease, 12000 miles/yr, $1182 due at signing and $340.03 per month including tax and fees. Could i be missing something? The deal includes $3944off MSRP and a $4500 credit for a GM lease special. What do you think?
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I've never heard of a 35 month lease, so maybe it's a typo. But you'll be spending well over $13k over the next 3 years. It seems a bit high, even for a premier. Dig into the details to get the original MSRP, cost of capital, money factor, residual, etc. but upon first glance, the dealership and or the finance company is burying their profit in one or more of those numbers.
Llninja.......Does the depreciation seem a little high?
Don't ask me, I've never leased a car in my life!!!! My point is that leasing is confusing, and often the most expesve way to operate a vehicle. Others on this forum like Bro, JupiterMoon, and Bacardi have a better handle on great lease deals. Bro is the only guy on this forum I know who actually made money flipping a lease on a Cruze, but it was a one hit wonder (maybe one and a half hit wonder)

The finance companies bury their profits in there somewhere and you practically need PhD in finance to unravel it in order to figure out if it's a good deal. The best deal for my simpleton mine is a heavily discounted car, 100% down, 0% interest, $0 per month, unlimited term, unlimited miles, no drive-off fees, no residual, no early turn-in penalties, no dent and ding charges. If I can't afford it, I dont' buy it. I wouldn't have bought a Volt until the price and incentives came down far enough for me to afford it.
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