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Good numbers on lease?

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How do these lease numbers look? Orange County, CA

I am in Orange County, Ca. I was emailed by a local GM dealer after I entered my info on the GM website hoping to get a Private Offer. He sent me some numbers regarding a current lease special and I was wondering what you guys thought. The car is a Bolt Premier (white with dark grey leather)with all options including DC fast charging. MSRP of $43570. Based on a 35 month lease, 12000 miles/yr, $1182 due at signing and $340.03 per month including tax and fees. Could i be missing something? The deal includes $3944off MSRP and a $4500 credit for a GM lease special. What do you think?
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I am a little confused. Going over the contract numbers once more........
MSRP on the Premier is $43570
Dealer Discount $3944
GM lease rebate $4500
Net price is $35126

$1182 due at signing plus 35 payments of $340.03 = $13,083.05 (total out of pocket)

$35126 - $7500 federal rebate = $27626 (total cost of the car to the bank)

$27626 - $13083.05 in total lease payments = $14542.95

Here is where i am confused..... residual value of the car is 60% or $21075.60 but the bank only paid $14542.95 !
First, you haven't accounted for the taxes and fees the bank has to pay. Also, although you don't specifically say so, it sounds as if you expect the bank to pass on the full $7500 TAX CREDIT (not a rebate) to you; that's not gonna happen.

So, what is the confusion . . . that the lessor expects to make a profit?
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