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Good numbers on lease?

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How do these lease numbers look? Orange County, CA

I am in Orange County, Ca. I was emailed by a local GM dealer after I entered my info on the GM website hoping to get a Private Offer. He sent me some numbers regarding a current lease special and I was wondering what you guys thought. The car is a Bolt Premier (white with dark grey leather)with all options including DC fast charging. MSRP of $43570. Based on a 35 month lease, 12000 miles/yr, $1182 due at signing and $340.03 per month including tax and fees. Could i be missing something? The deal includes $3944off MSRP and a $4500 credit for a GM lease special. What do you think?
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MSRP was about $43570 before the $3944 dealer discount and $4500 GM lease special offer. I did not ask the for the money factor, residual value or other numbers. Do you think the lease numbers will come down any further? With $1182 due at signing, what do you think would be a realistic monthly payment based on a $43570 MSRP car. The 35 month lease term is correct.
I just emailed the dealer with a request for the lease particulars. We post here when I receive them.
Terms for the Premier are as follows:
Residual is 49%
Money factor is 0.00069
Total capitol cost is $35126
What do you guys think..??
I am a little confused. Going over the contract numbers once more........
MSRP on the Premier is $43570
Dealer Discount $3944
GM lease rebate $4500
Net price is $35126

$1182 due at signing plus 35 payments of $340.03 = $13,083.05 (total out of pocket)

$35126 - $7500 federal rebate = $27626 (total cost of the car to the bank)

$27626 - $13083.05 in total lease payments = $14542.95

The residual value of the car is 49% or $21300

Is this a typical lease margin? Is there room to negotiate?
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The dealer just emailed me saying he gave me the wrong numbers. The numbers above are for a LT model.
The correct numbers for the Premier are:
Cap Cost $35,126
Residual 49%
Lease factor is 0.00069
Sorry about the confusion.
I am only trying to educate myself on car leases. Never leased a car before.....i have only purchased.
Llninja.......Does the depreciation seem a little high?
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