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Good Dealer - Ed Bozarth Lone Tree, Colorado

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Ed Bozarth has two dealerships in the Denver area. One in Lone Tree and one in Aurora. The one in Aurora is ok, but the one in Lone Tree is superb. I've purchased a 2012 Cruze ECO MT (Manual Transmission), 2012 Cruze LS MT, and my current 2017 Volt LT from their Lone Tree location. Sales and Service are outstanding at the Lone Tree location. The quality of service in Aurora is excellent as well but they don't communicate as well with the customer.
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I've bought two Volts from Bozarth Grand Junction, and have had an excellent experience with both their sales and service talents. I bought a Bolt from Keyes Van Nuys, as Bozarth couldn't match Rick's price, even with a $700 auto transport charge. And still, a got outstanding treatment on my first Bolt service. I know three other Bolt owners in the area, and they also rave about Bozarth GJ!
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