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GM's battery-powered RoboGlove for repetitive gripping

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The RoboGlove originated in 2011 when General Motors worked with NASA to launch a humanoid robot into space. This technology has now been miniaturized and translated into the wearable RoboGlove. Its battery pack with microcontrollers and actuators clips to the wearer's belt. That's connected to a forearm sheath that contains the system that controls the "tendons," which run up and into the glove itself. Sensors on the fingertips can sense when gripping force is required, and that's when RoboGlove springs into action.

GM's already put the glove to work in one of its plants, and it plans to expand that use in the future. Marty Linn is GM's principal engineer for robotics and worked on the NASA project.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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