As many of you know this site was started within days of GM announcing the Volt concept in January 2007. The goal then was to demonstrate to GM the demand was there for them to follow through and bring the car to production. On June 3rd, GM's CEO announced the board approved moving the Volt to production. Mission one accomplished.

As part of the effort to demonstrate degree of demand, a Chevy Volt Waiting List was started on this site in May of 2007. Since then over 33,000 individuals have signed up as "handraisers" as GM calls them.

Since actual production numbers are projected to be modest at first, our next mission is to try and compel GM to build enough cars for us.

Many people have asked questions about details of the waiting list, such as one's place in line and people's locations.  I've had the fortune of having expert programmer and VOLT enthusiast Karl Cox (aka Drake) join my team, and together we have built an outstanding and secure waitlist database and interface.

If you haven't already, go to this link ( Wait List ) and put in your email address. You will then be brought to a page where you can fill in all your details including name, address, enthusiasm level, and price you are willing to pay.  You will also be given your place in line.

Top level GM officials are aware of this list and have mentioned the possibility of working with it. It is not official and nothing is guaranteed, but it can't hurt to try. I will keep at it.

Now if you really want to have fun, you can check out a summary all of the collected data at this link ( Wait List Data ). You can see that so far with what's been filled in, we have enough people here to generate over $200 million in Volt sales for GM.

The data will be continuously available and updated in real-time as will the counter on the main page.

The public grassroots effort lives on, stronger than ever!