I started the unofficial Chevy Volt "waiting list" in May of 2007, just about four months after GM revealed the Chevy Volt concept for the first time.

At that time its growth was slow, as this site had very little reach. I remember projecting it might be possible to collect 50,000 names by the time the car would be launched at the end of 2010, though I imagined such projections were overly optimistic.

Turns out I was way off. We just passed the 50,000 mark on September 13th, 2009.

We have people in all 50 states and 93 countries of the world on this list. People who want the car enough to put down their name address and email, and to share their degree of enthusiasm, and the price they would be willing to pay.

So see a break down of the list updated in real time click here .  To update your demographics, or see your "place in line," type in the email address you signed up with in the box on this page .

The average enthusiasm for those who were willing to express it on a scale of 1 to 10 is 9.2.

The average price people were willing to pay for the car $31, 314.

If everyone on the list actually purchased a Volt at $40,000 it would represent sales of $2 billion dollars.

The primary goal of the list was to demonstrate to GM and the world just how many people there are who would want a Volt. In the beginning, GM had nowhere near committed to production so the list served as a tool to compel them to build it. Later, after production was approved in June 2008, the list has became an indicator of demand.

It continues to serve as a shining beacon to anyone who would look that there are very very many of us who want to break our oil addiction, and achieve energy independence and a better world.

Along the way of this list's growth and recognition I received gentle pressure from GM. Their legal department once politely requested I change the name from waiting list. You will now notice it is called the Want List, simply indicating that these are people who want a Volt.

I have tightly and securely guarded the privacy of everyone on this list and and I have not and will not share it with any third parties except GM if they want it.

I do very occasionally email the group when an important story or event has occurred, such as this one.

Unfortunately, I cannot say GM will utilize the list as I had initially hoped. Most indications I have gotten from them have not suggested they will. However, the recent survey they have emailed to potential buyers asks if they have registered on the GM-Volt.com list.

So we shall carry on and continue to grow the list. Any ideas you have for what we can do with it, I am glad to hear in the comments below.