We have reached another milestone here at GM-Volt.com. As of today, over 20,000 people have expressed interest in buying a Chevy Volt when it arrives by signing up on our virtual waiting list.

When the site began, it was my hope that I could create a place where we could demonstrate to GM that we really wanted this car to happen, so that the concept wouldn't die.

I believe we have done this, in a loud, large, and resounding way. GM knows full well about us and at this point the Chevy Volt program is in full gear, well-endowed, and moving rapidly towards production.

However, our work does not end here.

It still isn't clear how much the Volt will cost, although most estimates put it around $35,000. Also not clear is how many Volts will be produced in the first model year, estimates put that at at least 10,000.

Now that the waiting list has grown large and strong, we must continue to make it grow.

The next steps will be to see how we can influence the roll out of the cars. With the help of a dedicated Volt fan and programmer, I plan to upgrade the waiting list into a dynamic feature which will show in real time the number of members and the population distribution.

My effort will be directed at how to ensure that those here who want one, will be able to get their Volts.

This will be challenging. There is a method and process through which GM delivers car to dealerships. There are about 4000 Chevy dealerships, so if only 10,000 cars should be made, how will they be distributed? GM vice-chair Bob Lutz has mentioned the possibility of early distribution to "smile states" such as California, New York, Washington D.C., and Florida, but also indicates that final plans haven't been made yet.

We will need to develop an understanding of the distribution process to try and ensure that GM-Volt waiting list members get first right of refusal in the order in which they signed up.

Right now I'd like to hear form you on ideas for how we can make this happen.

Next stop, 30,000.