Today we have hit a major milestone. 10,000 people have signed up on our waiting list, expressing their desire to buy a Chevy Volt. This site was started on January 12, 2007 in response to GM unveiling the Chevy Volt five days earlier. It was my intent to create a place where like-minded people interested in driving this car could convene to observe and discuss the development and eventually create an ownership community.

Even more importantly, it was my hope that this site could serve as a beacon to GM, continuously showing them how enthusiastic and how ready the public is for such a car. I didn't want them to let the concept die, as the initial reports after the unveiling suggested it might.

I didn't realize how meaningful this site would become. In June, GM reached out to me and invited me to their headquarters for the first time, allowing me to interview engineers directly involved in the Volt project. From there, I've had the opportunity to interview many GM and battery executives along the way, all the while striving to provide the latest and most accurate information. It's come so far that I've even met and interviewed CEO Rick Wagoner and Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz.

I think so far the site has been a success. GM knows well about us and their executives regularly admit they read the site.

There have certainly been ups and downs, and the effort has at times been trying, but remains fun and exciting. I've been called everything from a cult-leader to a shill. Nonetheless we carry on. The fact is I am a Volt enthusiast. I want the world to drive electric cars, and as an American, I want GM to lead the way. It's my right to feel that way. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and all can have a voice here.

We need to spread the word. Many people still do not know about this car, and its potential benefits. Tell your friends and families about it, and send them to

Next goal 20,000.