The Chevy Volt comes equipped with two bright high resolution 7 inch LCD displays, one in the dash behind the steering wheel and the other atop the center stack. The screen on the center stack is touch sensitive.

Over the years we've seen bits and pieces of these informational screens which are also highly configurable. GM has gone out of their way to make these displays and their graphic themes both beautiful and compelling while at the same time useful and informative.

GM has just released a series of photographs illustrating exactly how these displays will look and convey data.

The main driver informational display reveals a large white MPH indicator in the center and an efficiency driving style feedback meter to the right.  Odometer and range are nicely displayed black on gray.  Whether the car is in EV or generator mode is indicated on the left where either a gas pump or battery icon will be shown along with that modality's total remaining range.  It can also be configured to show both EV and CS range simultaneously as seen below.
When the car is plugged in and charging the dashboard screen can display that it is taking place, even when the car is shut down.  It also indicates how much battery range has accrued and at what time charging will be complete.

A delayed charging screen accessible on the touch sensitive center stack let's drivers program in delayed charging, to take advantage of nightime utility rates, letting the car know what times it will be needed each day.

Owners can choose one of three different charge modes; immediately, delayed based upon departure time and delayed based on both rate and departure time.

The center stack is also capable of providing the driver information about his or her energy usage.  One display shows how the driver's style and climate control choices affected energy use.  A link to efficiency tips is provided.

Another display shows the energy usage and miles per gallon used since the last charge.

Cabin climate control can be set from a special screen in the center stack.

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