Larry Burns is GMs VP of research and development. He was interviewed by Design News and had some interesting things to say about the Volt and related issues.

He noted that the final a battery supplier has yet to be chosen and both A123 and LG Chem are still in the running.

He indicates that GM has "confirmed the capability of our selected cell chemistry in terms of safety, range, recharge time, power density and energy density," and has fully come to understand cell and module integration into the pack, and pack integration into the vehicle from packaging, safety, and performance vantage points.

Although he confirms battery development remains on track, he noted that challenges remain in proving the batteries will last 10 years and 150,000 miles, indicating for the first time publicly that GM plans to warranty that benchmark.

He mentions how high and critical standards must be achieved for cell production so that the 200 to 300 per pack work flawlessly all the time.

Burns also intriguingly stated that electric propulsion could be leveraged across GMs entire portfolio, being placed into all vehicle sizes from commuter cars to full family vehicles. He says that battery energy density will have to improve though before E-Flex cars larger than the Volt could emerge.

Source ( Design News )