[ad#post_ad]EN-V which stands for Electric Networked-Vehicle is a new personal mobility concept that was born out of the partnership between General Motors and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group (SAIC). It is a 2-person transportation pod intended for use in crowded urban landscapes.

It has two seats and runs on electricity and has evolved from the PUMA concept GM revealed last year which was built in cooperation with Segway. Though it uses the same Segway drivetrain and sits on a single axle, occupants do not have to lean to operate the vehicle which is driven totally by wire. The device continuously adjusts its balance electronically in what is known as dynamic stabilization technology.

The EN-V has two 3 kw electric motors, one for each wheel. Its small size allows it to carry two passengers and cargo in a footprint one third the size of a traditional vehicle, and it can "turn on a dime."  Fully charged, its lithium ion batteries allow up to 25 miles of range. Top speed is 25 mph.

Since it uses both GPS and vehicle to vehicle communication the device can be operated either manually or autonomously. This also would allow increased safety and reduced numbers of accidents. The vehicle is also network connected allowing occupants to work and network socially with other EN-V drivers.

“The EN-V concept represents a major breakthrough in the research that GM has been doing to bring vehicle autonomy to life,” said Alan Taub, Global Vice President of GM Research and Development. “The building blocks that enable the autonomous capabilities found on the EN-V concept such as lane departure warning, blind zone detection and adaptive cruise control are being used in some GM vehicles on the road today.”

There are three design variants of the vehicle; Xiao (Laugh), Jiao (Pride) and Miao (Magic) and is made of lightweight carbon fibre. It weighs less than 1000 pounds.

We wont be starting an EN-V want list at this time, as GM doesn't expect the cars to hit showroom for 10 to 20 years.