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GM recalls 2013 Chevrolet Volts for battery software

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In the news:

"GM said Friday that it will recall 3,233 2013 model year Chevrolet Volts to remedy a problem with battery cell balancing that could cause the car to shut down in traffic."
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Maybe this is why many of us with 2013’s are seeing kWh use in the 8.9 to the 9.x range off and on. I am on the recall list. I have not had a reduced propulsion issue though so I am probably ok for the time being.
Do you suppose this is just balancing between the 3 sections? Most cells would normally balance with other cells within their group and then there would be balancing again within the series/parallel and then again between the sections? If it were far out of balance I would think it would throw codes. We are probably lucky we are charging within the middle available storage and never taking the battery too high or too low.
Got my notice late last week. Dealer actually called me and scheduled me in for the recall before the notice arrived. It was done this morning. Took about 45 minutes. The current stats were cleared out (for the current charge) is the only thing I noticed after the flash. Once I charge overnight it should be business as usual. Hopefully.
It has been about a week since the flash and I have not noticed anything different. I suspect my cells were already relatively balanced. One other thing to note about the update, the charge unplug warning and the power fail warning options where renabled. I unplugged mid charge the other day and the car started honking. Scared me for a sec as I didn’t expect that!
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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