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GM opens Chevy Bolt EV orders nationwide for deliveries in August

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Geezus...that's a good read, but I'm left thinking two things:

- Any other automaker would be lambasted by their customer base and likely forced to buy back many car under lemon laws if they had as many problems as that test car had.

- GM really got it right with the Volt, in comparison.

This sort of thing makes me think that the Model 3 is not going to be smooth sailing for Tesla. Whilst Joe Richguy who doesn't mind not having a car for a week while it's trucked out of state to get fixed every 4 weeks is willing to deal with it (Hey, he can just drive the Ferrari instead while it's gone), Joe Plumber is going to lose his **** over those same realities.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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