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GM opens Chevy Bolt EV orders nationwide for deliveries in August

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Reportedly all states can now submit orders, no ordering guide yet out for the MY18 Bolt...While I'd take a Vegas bet only minor changes to the MY18 Bolt such as map based Nav, I'm curious to why the guide is out for every Chevy vehicle including commercial vans/trucks but not the Bolt...I'd love to think GM has something up their sleeve for the MY18 to combat Prime and M3 sales...If there was one sole feature that could create a ton of buzz even if you had to sell it $50K, imagine the hype if you could add an optional Supercruise system? It certainly makes logical sense, it's a "tech" car, every article about the Bolt pulls in the M3 with optional AP, GM is using Bolts for its autonomous driving program...Even if less than say 5% of people order it, it would still accelerate GMs autonomous ambitions and gain valuable real world data...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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