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GM opens Chevy Bolt EV orders nationwide for deliveries in August

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Yup. This is great, and I'd say, "About time!" They've had > 5,000 available for purchase for the last month, and they are only moving ~1,500 a month in those states. Time to let everyone in on the fun.

I hope the next announcement is that they are ramping up European and Korean (anywhere else in Asia?) deliveries.
Hey, let's not forget Canada!!!!
I meant, all across America... All of America! Go Canada!
Hey, what happened to your videos on YouTube. I really enjoyed them
Hey, thanks!

I started spreading myself too thin. I'll be back soon! :)
just last week Tesla listed a bunch of CPO MS' for high thirties/low fourties. Yes they are high mileage and only come with a 2 year CPO like warranty, but dam, if I had planned on spending that on a Bolt, I'd have to think hard on which vehicle I'd be buying.
For the same price pre-incentives, I'd still take the Bolt EV, but the charging infrastructure out here in California makes the two cars roughly equivalent for daily driving purposes. The CPO MS would have to drop to the high twenties to make up for the current incentives available for a new Bolt EV. On my longest regular trips, the Supercharging network would only save me (being generous) 45 minutes, and that is on a trip that varies between 9 and 12 hours depending on traffic anyway. Plus, my parking, living, and driving situation might make the Model S a bit of a hassle.

It would probably make a better car for my mom, but because I gave her my Volt, I'd really need to find a justification to replace it. A CPO MX would make more sense for her, but I don't see one of those dropping to a reasonable price anytime soon.
I don't know anything that GM can do to steal Prius Prime customers. Every person I know who purchased a Prius Prime literally wouldn't consider any other car from any other manufacturer.

To me, GM has just a couple of major concerns to update during Bolt EV refresh. In fact, some of these should probably done even without a new MY, and maybe even as a recall.
  • Add a plush seat and interior option
  • Improve padding of the basic seats
  • Fix cabin temperature sensor
  • Add ACC option
  • Make DCFC a standard feature
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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