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GM Losses

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Do the record GM losses recently announced worry anyone other than myself. 38.7Bn in a year is quite a lot, it may hurt their ability to research or subsidize part of the cost of the Volt.
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GM Hit

GM is committed and going gun-ho to get the Volt project on the road. Quite literally this is their future, make no bones about it. They know it and the sharks circling (Honda, Toyota) know it. That's why if Toyota and companies come out with an E-REV first, it puts GM that much further behind the curve. As it stands right now, I firmly believe that GM is ahead of the curve on E-REV's right now. Toyota was caught off guard with the Volt announcement in 2007. They were thrilled with the success of the Prius and were not intent on producing an E-REV or fully electric car any time soon.

With the Volt now firmly in the production que, Toyota and the others are now seeing the writing on the wall. They know the Volt as well as other GM electric vehicles will change the entire driving/oil based paradigm.

They (GM) have to succeed and they know it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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