Recently I, as well as several members received an email from Chevrolet.

That email provided a link to a survey from a company called Gongos.

From the opening page of the survey:

"As we work toward putting the Volt on the road, we’re hoping you could help us out. We have a short 15-minute survey that will help shape the shopping, buying and ownership experience of the Chevy Volt. It’s an important contribution we can only get from interested people like you."
Wow.  Seemingly at no time in the past more than two and a half years has it ever seemed so close, has that moment we've all been waiting so long for seemed so palpable.  GM is looking for public feedback to use to get ready for the Volt's launch.

The survey takes the user through various demographic inputs and self ratings, mostly appearing to determine if we early Volt adopters are techies, greenies, or just serious.

And if we are to believe that the information provided is accurate, for the first time ever GM seems to have set a price point for the car:

"Depending on content, the vehicle will effectively cost between $32,000 -$38,000 after a tax credit of $7,500."
It is also noted that the optional 220 V charger, which they ask if we would buy, will be between "$800 and $1500."  The Volt's cost of operation is said to be 2 cents per mile.

In a departure from previous statements, the survey also states the Volt's battery warranty will be eight years/100,000 miles as opposed to ten years/150,000 miles.

On one of my favorite slides GM asks prospective buyers if they are on the waiting list.

What does all this mean, and how will the information be used?

Only time will tell, but that time suddenly has gotten a lot closer.

Unfortunately I can't give you a link to the survey as it is apparently only good one time per user via a unique ID and email.  If you haven't gotten one yet, don't despair; they may be rolling out slowly, or just be a small random sample.