On July 16th GM launched a dedicated Chevy Volt social media portal called ChevroletVoltAge.com.

I have some mixed feelings about this. GM made me aware it was coming, and I actually was briefed on the project in person at a meeting at GM's headquarters which included people from GM communications, social media, and Chevrolet marketing.

As anyone reading this is likely aware, being a Chevy Volt social media portal is actually, well, the exact purpose of GM-Volt.com. For two and 1/2 years I have tirelessly built this site to be what it is today and with much thanks to all the wonderful readers like you.

When GM-Volt.com began, I saw myself as the ambassador to GM, working to bring the details and news of Volt and EV development out into the public eye, and to compel GM to move the car from concept to production. That line has been crossed long ago, and now we are only slightly more than a year away from launch.

GM has seen the value of this site, its readership, and what it represents and they have decided they want to "tell their own story." Such is the birth of ChevroletVoltAge.com.

I of course shall carry on here, doing my best to interpret the news, developments, and discussion as it happens. We here have the tremendous advantage of unfiltered and uncensored information and discussion, without corporate cleansing.

It is my hope that both sites can coexist and bring value to one another. You will notice GM-Volt.com is linked out from the Chevy site and considered a friend. Content from here will also appear in their news feeds.

And the reality is my and our hope and dream for a world less dependent on oil has come one step closer.

Feel free to let me know what you think about this development, and any ideas you have for our future direction. I greatly value your opinions. While you're at it, enjoy the Volt IVer production video GM has put up to launch the site: